School Cash Online

September 2017: School Cash Online is Mandatory

All School based cash purchases MUST be done through School Cash Online

School Cash Online provides a convenient and secure option of paying for school items using your credit card online, 24/7. Once you are signed up, an email is sent to you whenever an event or item for your child is set up by the school or classroom teacher. 

You register with School Cash Online only once but can specify as many schools and/or children as you need to. This means if you have 2 children at Mountain, 1 at Fraser and 1 at Yale they can all be registered through the same School Cash online account. Now that’s simplicity!!

At this time we are unable to process PAC related charges such as PAC fundraisers or hot lunches (please see the PAC Facebook page about how you can pay with eTranfers for HotLunch), however in order to pay for the following items it will be necessary to have a school cash online account:

Student Planner
Field Trips
School based donations 
and others to be determined