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Blog: Sunday, June 30th, 2019

Student Reading Achievement Celebrated

...but there still is much work left to be done.

Mountain Elementary's school goal this year was to make significant gains in students' ability to read. Each grade group developed a plan to identify specific learning targets for their age group. Throughout the year teachers met to review how they were doing, reviewing data on how well students were progressing and then identifying which students could use extra help or an alternate approach. 

The Results

Each grade group made significant gains in reading. Every grade increased the number of students reading at or above grade-level. Many students who were "Minimally Meeting" in September ended the year either "Fully Meeting" or even "Exceeding Expectations" for their age. After reviewing the results is it clear that there is a group of students who persistently achieve below grade level.

What We Learned

Mountain's school wide focus on the shared goal of success in reading for every child paid dividends. All grades saw significant gains. These gains were generally made in the middle, those students who were minimally meeting and those students who stepped up their game and went from Fully to Exceeding Expectations. As  always, there is certainly pleanty of room for improvement in how we work with our mainstream students. The challenge, however, will be to find a pathway to success for our at-risk students. Our persistent Not Yet Meeting group. This cohort is the most divcerse of all and will require increased effort, a sharper focus and perhaps even reprioritizing resourcesnif we are going to help them experience success. But more  likely, it will require a new and different approach and fresh thinking. I propose that next year's school goal will reflect a refocusing on what it will take to help our most vulnerable students finding their own unique pathway to reading proficiency.

Congratulations teachers and students of Mountain!