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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Position Email
Mr. Cameron Friesen Principal cameron.friesen [at]


Name Position Div Email
Ms. Carol LeBreton Grade 4/5 2 carol.lebreton [at]
Ms. Cynthia Marko ELL Teacher (Wed & Thur) cynthia.marko [at]
Mrs. Nikki Johal Grade 1 9 nikki.johal [at]
Mrs. Linda Howe Grade 1 (Mon-Wed) 8 linda.howe [at]
Mrs. Rugia Penner Grade 1 (Thurs & Fri) 8 rugia.penner [at]
Mrs. Raylene Moorthy Grade 2 6 raylene.moorthy [at]
Mrs. Jane Bartlett Grade 2 (Mon-Wed & Fri) 7 jane.bartlett [at]
Mrs. Vanessa Wiens Grade 2 (Thur) 7 vanessa.wiens [at]
Mrs. Anya Nailen Grade 3 4 anya.nailen [at]
Mrs. Debbie Richardson Grade 3 5 debbie.richardson [at]
Mrs. Shannon Dyck Grade 3/4 (Mon) 3 shannon.dyck [at]
Mrs. Bonnie Bevan Grade 3/4 (Tues - Fri) 3 bonnie.bevan [at]
Mr. David Hill Grade 5 (Mon and Tues AM), PE (Tues PM -Fri) 1 david.hill [at]
Mrs. Monika Sorensen Grade 5 (Tues PM - Fri) 1 monika.sorensen [at]
Mrs. Manroop Bining Grade K 10 manroop.bining [at]
Mrs. Heather Gray Grade K 11 heather.gray [at]
Mrs. Bharwat Vaid International ELL Teacher bharwat.vaid [at]
Miss Jennifer Baerg LLS/Learning Commons jennifer.baerg [at]


Name Position Email
Mrs. Lynda Parmelee School Counsellor lynda.parmelee [at]

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Mrs. Lisa Roberts Administrative Assistant lisa.roberts [at]
Mrs. Martene Turra Administrative Assistant - Thursdays martene.turra [at]
Seyon Cho Custodian seyon.cho [at]
Mr. Chris Marganelli Custodian chris.marganelli [at]
Mrs. Tamara Bereti EA tamara.bereti [at]
Mrs. Kimberley Crawford EA kimberley.crawford [at]
Mrs. Jan Kipper EA jan.kipper [at]
Mrs. Tracey Lamoureux EA tracey.lamoureux [at]
Ms. Jennifer Patterson EA jennifer.Patterson [at]
Mr. Dominic Daraska Indigenous Support Worker dominic.daraska [at]
Mrs. Courtney Graham Indigenous Support Worker courtney.graham [at]
Stella Yoon International Assistant Stella.Yoon [at]
Mrs. Parminder Randhawa Library Tech parminder.randhawa [at]