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Parking Lot 101 Tips and Procedures


Our parking lot during drop off and pick up is a busy place. To keep students safe and to keep the traffic flowing please follow our traffic rulesTo help ease congestion we recommend the following:

  • Sign up for the bus with Transportation. Transportation forms can be filled in online at Information and Online Registration (there is no cost if you are outside of walk limits)
  • Walk to school (even on rainy days)
  • Use the drop off lane (ie: don't park.) Pull up between the two islands and drop off your children. We can unload 5 cars at a time. Do not leave your car unattended in this lane, or in the curb side lane of our driveway which serves as the waiting lane for the drop off zone.
  • Carpool with a friend to decrease the number of cars coming into our parking lot

Please remember that you are subject to city bylaws and road traffic laws on public streets. The crossing guard is supplied by the city and takes their direction from the Abbotsford Police and the City. They remind us that parents should not be parking in no parking zones on city streets, which includes no parking in city bus drop off areas, within 1.5 metres of driveways, blocking driveways. Recently the APD has also been patrolling and moving traffic along Mountain Drive and stopping them from holding up thru- traffic. We are trying to move the traffic as fast as we can within the parking lot of the school but we need your help to reduce the volume of cars. See the suggestions above. 

Please ensure adequate time so your children are not late. They should be at school before the first bell. Follow these 5 tips for a successful drop off and pick up.


School Hours

(* actual bell rings)

9:00* Welcome Bell

9:05* Class begins

11:05* - 11:20* Recess
(15 min Teacher supervision provided)

12:40 Lunch
12:55* Outside Time
1:25* Lunch ends
1:30  Class begins
(50 min NHS supervision provided)

3:03* Dismissal